Vince – Owner

Vince has been a bike fanatic since the time he pulled off the training wheels. Over the years, he’s raced both on and off road in time trials, criteriums, downhill, cyclocross, cross-country, stage racing, and ultra-endurance. But more than racing, Vince has always enjoyed the camaraderie and friendships he’s formed when “just riding along” with other cyclists. Since the early 2000’s, he and his wife Tamera had a vision of one day opening a bike shop that brought the same community feel to the shop where people did not feel intimidated nor judged for their experience or skill level. In 2013 they opened JRA Bikes & Brew; part bicycle shop, part gourmet coffee shop. Vince and Tamera want people to know, “JRA is your bike shop. Your pre and post ride hangout. Your social gathering. The place where you can ask for advice and find quality service, parts, and bikes. We look forward to meeting you!”

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