JRA Carries A full Selection of Mountain Bikes, Cyclocross, Gravel Grinder and Road Bikes from leading manufacturers. If you’re not sure what you are looking for, we have the largest demo fleet in So-Cal! Come test ride a bike today. 

It’s more than just the Niner name. It’s their passion.
The 29” wheeled bike isn’t just in their line-up, it’s their only love, the 29’ wheel is their heart on the trail.

We Love Niner’s 100% commitment to their 29” wheel size that we love, they produce impeccable designs & exquisite high performance ride quality.

At JRA we are excited about carrying the Niner line-up in our shop – We love the feelings we get when our customers leave our shop and tell us how much they love their new Niner weeks later.

Mountain Bikes

For 35 years, Rocky Mountain Bicycles have been designing, developing, and perfecting mountain bikes. we offer many models such as; Slayer, Pipeline, Reaper, Growler, Maiden, Sherpa, Suzi Q, Blizzard, Vertex & more Including a children’s line.

Ibis is a mountain bike manufacturer located in California. They produce the popular Mojo mountain bike frame among many others. Ibis frames are now made with carbon fiber exclusively. JRA offers Ibis series bikes including; Mojo, Ripley, Trans Fat, Tranny Hardtail, Hakkalugi-Cyclecross

Jamis is one of the leading Mountain & Road bike manufacturers in the US. They are passionate cyclists who strive daily to deliver products that get people of all ages, abilities and aspirations to love bikes.

We offer many different Jamis Series Bikes from; ENDURO SERIES – Defcon 1, Defcon 2, Defcon 3. TRAIL SERIES – Dakar XCT, Halo Femme, Dragon, Komodo. XC PERFORMANCE SERIES – Dakar XCR, Dakota, Nemesis, Eden Femme. XC SPORT SERIES – Dakar XC Series, Halo XC Femme, Durango, Helix Femme, Trail X. PLUS / FAT TIRE SERIES – Dragonslayer 27.5+, Roughneck Fat Tire. FEMME MTB SERIES – Halo, Dragonfly, Eden, Helix. We also offer Jamis youth & children.

Mountain Bikes

Meet Independent Fabrication, from welding a frame within a fraction of a millimeter to applying the final speck of paint. Everything that goes into their bikes is the result of accuracy and attention to detail. Made by hand, solid steel to titanium and carbon fiber. Made in the USA for over 20 years. JRA offers the custom made- to-order series including; mountain, cyclocross & road.

Road Bikes

We offer the Independent customer made-to-order road series including; Crown Jewel, Club Racer, Gravel Royale, SSR, Corvid & XS.


Fatback Bikes revolutionized the Fat Bike category with their Frames featuring 190mm and 197 mm rear hubs where most of the industry has followed.  Fatback Frames can accommodate a variety of tire sizes and are designed to handle the most demanding terrain.  Fatback led the innovation which has helped the fat bike gain such great popularity. We strive to continue to the push the limits, with high quality, innovative, and well thought out bikes and accessories. JRA has a variety of Fatback bikes available including the Skookum FLT, Skookum, Corvus, Rhino, and Rhino FLT.

Road Bikes

Cross & Gravel Bikes

Torelli Bikes- Italian made steel road bikes. For the past 30 years, Torelli has lived for the love of the craft. Their passion has been the creation of an exhilarating riding experience. An experience that’ll last for years with steel frames that embody the soul of the ride. Each Torelli steel frame balances speed and fast action with a light and comfortable ride.  We offer many Torelli Road models including the  Corsa, Strada, Countach, Delrio, IL 30, Nitro Express, Spettro, and Super Strada. We also offer the Torelli Cross models Zona Cross Lugged & Tig/Disc.

Van Dessel bicycles are born of racing, engineered to perform with precision, and built with a degree of durability often overlooked. Our bikes are meant to be ridden hard and raced with panache, but most of all, enjoyed by those who love cycling.

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